Virtual Transition: 3d Street Art In Rotterdam

The Netherlands is not only one of the most fascinating countries in the world, but also home to some incredible street art and 3d pieces. “Virtual Transition” is one of those pieces that will be sure to delight geeks everywhere.

The artist behind this piece is Leon Keer, the Dutch surrealistic artist. He created “Virtual Transition” for the RAW EXPO in Rotterdam. It measures around 45 square meters, which isn’t too shabby when it comes to pieces this complex.

The 3d street art piece welcomes people to RAW EXPO, where several other artists like Armando, Atelier Van Lieshout, Pjotr Müller, Tinkebell, Frank Bruggeman, Birgit Verwer, Jolanda Jansen and mister Keer himself show their work. This is not only street art, but also sculptures and more traditional art too.  Don’t you wish you could be there right now?

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