WhatsApp release Windows Phone update to allow calls

WhatsApp have finally let Windows Phone users join the rest of the world in doing phone calls from the popular chat app, just like Android and iOS users have been able to do since early 2015.

Whatsapp Windows Phone 1

Just as we had reported before in this link, Windows Phone users are finally able to enjoy and take advantage of WhatsApp call service via VoIP protocol. This rumor, which had been going for over a month now and had Windows Phone users awaiting for clarification finally became official, and starting with the WhatsApp version 2.12.60 for Microsoft’s platform, they will be able to enjoy this call system.

The process to make a phone call is just as easy as it was on every other system out there. Users only need to access the chat of the person they want to communicate with, and a menu will show up on the lowest part of the screen – with a completely new icon to activate calls. Once users click it, they will be able to call as well as receive them on the screen – but at the same time has a tab in which users can check a log of calls done and received, as to keep track of them.

Whatsapp Windows Phone 2

As expected, this WhatsApp update now covers the biggest part of the available market, no matter which one of the three big OS anyone might prefer or use – yet the new features don’t stop there, as users will also be able to send audio files and even deactivate the much talked about “read” confirmation.

As of now, these new features exist only on Windows Phone 8, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store in the following link.

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