Walldogs Just Might Have the Coolest Job Ever

Imgurian chalexfor’s father is a dying breed. According to an album he posted, his father is one of the remaining artists who offer hand-painted advertisements.

His father’s name is Riley Forsythe. Founder of the company Walldogs, he has been painting advertisements for thirty five years. He mastered his craft during the golden era of the sunset strip. During his time with the Pacific Outdoor Advertising, he learned the strokes of his trade, becoming a sought after expert in his field.


But his advertisements aren’t the run of the mill billboards you might see travelling down the freeway during rush hour. They are massive, taking up the entire side of a building—sometimes even encompassing several at a time.


Over the years he has gathered a team of talented artists who work together to undertake each massive project. These days he focuses mainly on the pictorial aspects, like the faces whilst his team handle the larger areas of colour and the lettering. Chalexfor estimates that his father’s team completes each advertisement, depending on the wall, anywhere within 3 to 10 days.


Each advertisement is rendered in pure oil paint, ensuring the vibrancy of each piece. They even provide graffiti clean-ups, although I’d like to see what they replace said graffiti with. Finally, in 2005 Forsythe made the papers when he repainted the iconic Hollywood sign white.


Personally, we prefer his coloured work. Below you can see one of his latest pieces, an advert for Grand Theft Auto V.  Click here for a time-lapse video of him painting a Skyrim ad.


Whether you live in L.A. or not, I think you’ll agree that Forsythe’s work is one of a kind. A testament to the importance of classic art mediums, proving that there is still a place for paint in modern society.

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