11 Unique Looking Water Towers Around the World

There’s something old and magical about water towers, especially those that have quite out of the ordinary kind of look, be it the special stone towers in the United States or Castle-inspired shapes in Central Europe, not to mention the originality in Japan and Scandinavia.

Compton Hill Water Tower, USA

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Compton Hill Water Tower was declared a city landmark in 1966 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Haukilahti Water Tower, Finland

Built in 1968 and known for its special design, the tower is frequently visited nowadays for the restaurant in the top part of the tower named Haikaranpesä, which means stork’s nest.

Huntington Beach Water Tower, USA

This Californian water tower was built in the 19th century to provide water for steam engines. It operated all the way until 1974, and in the 80s it was converted to a home by removing the tank, converting it at ground level and then lifting it back up into place. It has been used as a family home over the last 40 years, but mostly it serves as a vacation spot which offers spectacular views of several beaches, the San Bernadino Mountains and the surrounding cities.

Kizuminami Water Tower, Japan

Built in 1999 at Kizu, south of Kyoto, this 129-foot-high water tower (47 meters) holds enough water to supply 16,000 people. The cylindrical design draws its inspiration from bamboo, which is extremely common in the region.

Midrand Water Tower, South Africa

The largest water tower in the southern hemisphere with a capacity of 6.5 megalitres. The cone meets the stem at the surface of a pond, giving a floating effect to the massive concrete form. A spiral staircase runs up the centre like a straw in a glass. Provisions were made for a revolving restaurant at the top of the tower.

North Point Water Tower, USA

No, this isn’t Isengard, but North Point Water Tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s made of cut Niagara limestone from Wauwatosa.

Old Water Tower in Landskrona, Sweden

Designed by Fredrik Sundbärg and completed by 1903, the Old Tower is the tallest point in town and its most famous landmark. It’s completion ensured that the place received, for the first in its history, a supply of pressurized water supply.

Pali? Water Tower, Serbia

The Water Tower, now the symbol of Palic, was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a multipurpose facility: a water tower, gate of the resort and a tram station. This building was designed in Hungarian art nouveau style.

Rostock Water Tower, Germany

The tower is out of service since 1959. After a restoration the tower is now a historic building and house a city museum warehouse, and in the ground floor also a meeting-place for children and disables.

Svaneke Water Tower, Denmark

It was the first successful project of the architect who would later design the Sydney Opera House. The surprisingly shaped water tower was inspired by the old sea marks used for assisting the navigation of ships at sea. The water tower was taken out of service in 1988 when alterations to the water supply system were introduced.

Wroc?aw Water Tower, Poland

In 1995 the tower was purchased from the city by the Stephan Elektronik Investment Company. The building was rejuvenated and started its new life as a stylish restaurant complex.