16 Weird & Unusual Aquariums

    Fish don’t care about how their aquariums look like. As long as their well fed and the water doesn’t get too hot, or too cold, or too dirty, or too salty… Fish care about interior. Humans, wanting only to impress their friends, care enough to create weird shaped fish tanks so they can feel good about themselves.

    Tiniest Aquarium Ever

    Lava Lamp Effect

    Reminds me of my the lava lamp in my room when I was a kid.

    I can see myself making these tanks into a coffee table at home. I would love to eat my TV dinner while some water snake lurks beneath my feet.

    This is More Like It

    Round Coffee Table Aquarium

    Car Aquarium

    Pipeline Aquarium

    Fish in a Light Bulb

    The Inevitable Toilet Aquarium

    Does everyone freak out when you flush?

    USB Controlled Tank

    LED – Globe Aquarium

    Screen Aquarium

    Playing Tricks on Your Mind

    Living in a Shoe

    Overall Weirdness/Creativity