Welcome To Earth! – Earthbound Available Now On Wii U eShop

Thursday’s impromptu and brief Nintendo Direct came with happy news for Earthbound fans, as the classic Super Nintendo RPG finally hits the eShop.

Earthbound screen image 1

The surprising announcement and subsequent release of Earthbound on the Wii U’s eShop might very well be a subtle apology from Nintendo, a “hey Dawg, we still cool and all right?” after almost shutting down the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament at this past week’s Evo Championship Series – thankfully, they saw the error of their ways.

Whatever the reasoning though, the major thing to take away is that one of the most worshiped role-playing games on the Super Nintendo, with a passionate fanbase that effortlessly campaigned to ensure that this day would happen, is now digitally available. And at a $9.99 USD price that might lower those $200 physical copies going for sale on eBay! (Not a chance, I know.)

Understandably, ten bucks is certainly a couple dollars more than the asking price of your typical SNES Virtual Console release, but with how “amazingly praised till the cows come home” this unique little RPG is, it’s a total steal. Nintendo even threw in the the original Earthbound strategy guide – sadly, no scratch-and-sniff stickers – with the game’s purchase.

As an Earthbound noob, I can’t wait personally to try out the game myself. I’ve always felt quite ashamed at never getting a chance to; it wears on my soul and keeps me up at night… (not really. Well, maybe a tiny bit.) If an idyllic, kind of weird, Japanese role-playing game starring a bunch of kids sounds like something you might enjoy, then head to the Wii U eShop today.

Oh, and the music is awesome too!

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