The Best Fan Art of 2014

Before you head off and start devouring new adaptations to your favorite comic book, movie and cartoon characters in 2015, take a look and remember some of the best artworks and different interpretations the previous year had to offer.

Everyone Wants to be a King (or Queen) in Westeros / patrickballesteros

A Song of Ice and Fire

Mathilda From Leon / KR0NPR1NZ

Mike Wazowski in Demonic, Zombie Form / LordNetsua


Professor X Controlling Hodor / m7781

Hodor X

Darth Maleficent / jameszapata

Darth Maleficent

Spider-Man on the Tron Grid / lonefirewarrior

Tron Spider-Man

Mask of Rogue / lamwin


Prince Arthas / timens


Pikachu Meets Toothless / TsaoShin

Pokemon and Toothless

The Meeting of Batman & Stitch / ArtistAbe

Close Encounters of the Bat Kind by ArtistAbe

Realistic (Sorta) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ancorgil

Realistic TMNT

Dexter with Loving Sister Dee Dee / Infusions

Dexter & DeeDee

There are a lot of Great Elsa’s. This one is the Best / DarrenGeers


Harley Quinn & Ivy in Hipster Mode / thecreatorhd

Ivy & Harley

If I Was a Girl – Hades Version / sakimichan

Hades as a Girl

Waiting at the South Park Bus Stop / Comlockj

Cartman and Kenny

The Rocketeer / Geekincognito

More Humanized Simpsons / nna

The Simpsons by nna

Winnie the Pooh and China / Turtle-Arts

Winnie the Pooh and China

Staryu & Starmie / Cryptid-Creations

Staryu & Starmie

Titanfall / MACCOLA

titanfall by MACCOLA

Alphonse Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) / White-corner

Alphonse Elric

Geralt & The Wild Hunt / Hardedge-Maelstrom


The Evil Within / yangngi

The Evil Within

Heavily-Armored Powerpuff Girls / rickyryan

Powerpuff girls


The Wolf Among Us / Kate-FoX



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