Where’s My Water? Board Game Brings Disney’s App to Life

Board games based on TV shows or sci-fi franchises are around every corner, but we don’t get to see board games inspired from mobile games every day.

Even though playing Disney’s Where’s My Water? app was quite enjoyable, I found the game too simple and not challenging at all. Seeing who represents the target of the board game, I understand why. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 5 years and up, as there might be an asphyxiation hazard in the case of smaller kids. I’m not saying that kids won’t consider this board game good enough for them, I’m just saying that maybe the grown-ups should look elsewhere, if they’re looking for a game for themselves.

Disney did not manufacture the game by itself. Instead, the company gave the license for this app to a professional that took care of the job as good as it could. Hasbro, the maker of the Where’s My Water? board game, is specialized in manufacturing toys of various types, so creating this certainly was not a challenge for the company.

Besides the easy levels of the mobile app, there is something else that irritates me. The set includes the following:

  • gameboard
  • Swampy figurine and bath tub
  • 15 marbles
  • 15 water chutes
  • 3 duck pegs
  • 2 poison pegs
  • 30 round bumper pegs
  • deck of 48 cards
  • label sheet
  • game guide

The board game should be actually called Where Are My Marbles?, as there is no water involved at any point. Instead of water, the players will have to release marbles through traps and obstacles. However, as the mental state of people who have lost their marbles is often questioned, going with such a title for the board game might have been a problem. Not to mention that there would no longer have been a connection between the board game and the mobile app, and the relevancy would not have existed. Swampy would have been the only link between the two, but Disney and Hasbro couldn’t have cashed in only from that.

The Where’s My Water? board game is sold by Hasbro on Amazon for $17.99, which is a more than reasonable price.

The reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, the only complaints people have being related to the long time it takes to set up the board. This might be a real problem, since it takes longer to set it up than to actually play it.

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