Windows 8.1 update promises cool features, launches soon

Although Microsoft’s latest OS is receiving its first major update since launch. This revision promises features, stability and some new bells and whistles.


Although Win8 hasn’t had the warmest reception at launch, a lot of the flak it received was undeserved, if a little ill-willed by users afraid of changing the way they’ve been interacting with their operating system. Nonetheless, Microsoft continues to push support for the OS, this time coming in the form of the 8.1 update. This isn’t much of a surprise to many as the update itself was available as a Beta to users wanting to give 8.1 a try.

With this update comes a lot of features users have been requesting, such as background functionality to the start menu, and having an easily accessible start menu button. Although the start menu itself won’t be making a glorious return, there’s plenty to work with in Microsoft’s Metro UI. Another cool feature is the ability to receive Skype calls from the lock screen, giving you the ability to pick up an emergency meeting even if you logged out of your session. Pretty nifty!


Although 8.1 won’t bring any massive changes to the operating system itself, you can expect an experience that is more cohesive, and flows much better than the original release, all while of course, continuing to improve stability and backwards compatibility with software that may not agree with the new filesystem. As cool as this update is, it’s doubtful that it will win over any skeptics sitting on the sidelines, which is a shame. If anything, this should convince those waiting for a major content patch to come to the operating system before making the switch over. You can expect the update to hit the general public on October 17th, check out a detailed list of the upcoming features right here,

Source: Engadget

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