Next-gen Windows will see the glorious return of the Start Menu

Hot news, or a very convincing fake are hard to distinguish, but we’re hoping to be reporting on the former: the next Windows will, once again, include a Start Menu.

Windows Start Menu

While we already know that Microsoft is working on a successor to their Windows 8 operative system, there are plenty of questions that are still up in the air. There is one major detail, though, that will delight people who sticked by Windows 7 after seeing Windows 8 Metro Interface: the next-gen Windows will, apparently, see the return of the Start Menu that was lost on their latest iteration.

The picture illustrating this story depicts what the eventual start menu will look like, but there’s something that will throw some people off:  you can clearly read Win 8.1 Pro in the bottom corner. Still, after reaching out to inside sources in Microsoft, it’s confirmed that these prototype builds at the company still use that branding. What we mean by this? It doesn’t prove that this is a fake, but on the contrary, adds legitimacy to the claim.

The build is called, as of now, build 9788, and is not yet ready for users. Still, it’s only a matter of time, and we might get a more classic experience with Windows any day now.

Via Neowin

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