7 Essential Tips and Tricks to Get Fans in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the mobile game that sees you gain fame and fans for fun and this guide will show you how to beat it.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Flappy Bird? That’s like so Q1 2014, but Summer 2014 is all about Kim Kardashian Hollywood which brings out our inner attention seekers, puts them on overdrive and tells us to go wild with photoshoots, appearances and dating mini-games alike. That’s not a bad thing though as anyone who’s played the most famous Kardashian’s first foray into the world of gaming can tell you that the title is highly addictive and oh so tricky to beat. There’s time management, rewards for levelling up, pets to look after and even a set of percentage bars that makes you feel like you’re playing the most glamourous of RPGs, so don’t let anybody who disses Kim Kardashain Hollywood tell you anything. The thing that perhaps cements the game as a real, bonafide mobile pastime though, is how hard it is the become the most famous (and perhaps slightly vapid) A-Lister than Tinseltown has ever seen but with this guide, we provide 7 essential tips and tricks to show you how to get fans in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

1. Kim Kardashian Hollywood’s Secret Energy Stash

Have you ever rushed to your phone, you out of breath (from the aforementioned rushing), brow starting to sweat, just because you remembered you were in the middle of a PopGlam photoshoot and you’d been waiting for your energy to recharge right before the shoot’s timer ran out? Well, let me tell you that that’s living on the edge and getting all 5 stars at a shoot is made all the more difficult when you’ve got no energy whatsoever. It doesn’t have to be that way though, as what the game doesn’t tell you is that tapping the unassuming pieces of scenery (there are mailboxes, advertising screens, skateboards and fire hydrants) can often grant you money, energy, XP or a mixture of all three. It’ll only give you freebies every so often though, but tapping them and getting an extra bit of energy could be the fine line between going up a list.

2. How to Be an XP Hoover

But those unassuming pieces of scenery aren’t just good for energy! As explained, they also give out XP, which is why, even when you don’t need it, it’s incredibly useful to tap them anyway because every time you get that bit closer to levelling up. And what does levelling up bring? It may not provide you with fans directly but it does refill your energy bar completely, making it easier to do the fan-scoring things that will make your Kim Kardashian Hollywood character such a big success.

3. Do Not Get Into Fights With Willow Pape

To riff off the words of my fellow A-lister, Black Eyed Peas band member Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson, “You’re so 3008, Willow Pape is so 2000 and late” as in other words, that meddlesome wannabe is not worth your time. Unlike in the real world in which PR groups will manage and create ‘rivalries’ between celebrities to boost their fame, Kim Kardashian Hollywood prides itself on good celebrity behaviour which means that although in real life, drama with Willow Pape is delicious like a double fudge ice cream sundae and would probably put you in the public eye for weeks, in the game it just doesn’t fly and badmouthing her in interviews is a surefire way to knock yourself down the fame flagpole. Playing nice when an interviewer asks about her? Watch the fans roll in.

4. Do Not Date Until Late In the Game

One of the first things everyone is giddy about when they first jump into Kim Kardashian Hollywood’s life of parties and actually rather innocent debauchery (ok, there;s no debauchery but you can always imagine your character’s backstory, right?) is that the game allows you to date. But what Kim doesn’t tell you when she invites you to her Californian mansion and asks if you’d like to date a boy or a girl is that when you’re an E or D-lister dating a fellow E or D-lister, dating is almost entirely pointless. If you can manage to charm your way into the contacts of an A-lister or so then dating is absolutely worth your while as going on dates with them will see your fans increase rapidly and far quicker than if you’d wasted your time with a D-lister when Kim had offered their number up in the first place.

5. Don’t Listen to Simon, Read the Words!

What the game also neglects to mention is that hey, Simon Orsik and his smartphone-less ways (it’s 2014 and you’re a high profile agent, please for the love of God ditch the pager, Simon) aren’t always what’s best. By that I mean that sometimes his first offer when he rings you up on the phone isn’t always his best one. Local campaigns will be less effective at getting you fans as national ad campaigns and although the latter may take longer to complete, you should take them if you can by clicking the ‘What else?’ conversation option when it’s offered to you. If you cycle through Simon’s possibilities and he suggests that he can keep looking, you can always go through them again if you change your mind.

6. PopGlam Vs Metro

Another huge thing to consider with Simon’s offers is the prestige of the campaign in question, for example, Metro campaigns tend to be able to garner more interest than PopGlam features, while club appearances are always at the top of the list. Take this into consideration too when you’re picking jobs and you’ll be well on your way to super stardom.

7. Regularly Buy Clothes

Like any of us really needed any encouragement to go shopping for our characters, but what’s not made clear by the game is that buying clothes in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood menu that have gold stars (which can help with jobs) or gold hearts (which can help with dating) you can make your life far easier. That’s because gold starred clothes give you bonuses when you show up to jobs, meaning that you only have to earn 4 extra stars on that job to complete it or get the maximum amount of fans as opposed to the entire 5. Switch up your outfits regularly if you can but if not, investing in a new piece of fashion every so often is still pretty handy.

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