‘World 1-2’ Album from GameChops Records

Forces collide in the videogame music bizz to put together a boss record.

World 1-2 cover image

Indie record label GameChops’ upcoming album – World 1-2 – has an impressive lineup of artists behind it that videogame music lovers will go gaga for. It features material from both industry stars and bright up-and-comers that should be on everybody’s notice.

Regarding the former, the 20 track album will feature the likes of Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, and Manami Matsumae, who’s work in countless Capcom games has earned her international recognition, and few other established names from across the Pacific, too.

While on the up-and-coming front: Austin Wintory (award winning Austin Wintory I might add) of Journey, Super Hexagon composer Chipzel, and from his solid underground contributions using the sounds of Metroid and Contra, Danimal Cannon.

Altogether, each artist on World 1-2 will awesomely contribute their own music track, some brand new, and others, totally kick-ass remixes of well-known pieces from games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Mario World, and Street Fighter II.

Best of all, when the album comes out digitally on GameChops this May 2, it’ll only cost $10. Ten bucks for 20 tracks – available in the music format of your choice – is a beast of a value, of which you can pre-order and stream a few tracks as of now!

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