13 of the Worst Product Concepts for Babies: WTF Were They Thinking?

The market is flooded with products and gadgets, promising to make your life as a parent much more easier with new and efficient baby products. Two problems – when the gadget is completely insane, and when parents get stuff for their kids that are more about their own satisfaction, not benefiting their child.

Baby Bangs


For some reason, the people who went on this marketing plan of trying to sell her for babies, think that two year olds (or yonuger) should have hair on their heads. Some dumb parents actually buy this stuff for their kids.

The Babykeeper

If there was ever an excuse for parents to forget their babies at the mall, parking them on some errant door or wall while strolling off to spend their hard earned money on other useless stuff, the babykeeper is the mother of all of those.

Breastfeeding Men

Just wrong.

Wee Block

I don’t know if it’s because the “say no no to wee wee” or the thought of a parent changing their kidss diaper while putting a road block on their private parts, but this one kinda freaks me out.

Baby Leash

Another great idea. Lets start treating our kids as pets. I’m sure that won’t screw them for later.

Humiliating Costumes

Let’s face it. Having a baby is like having a toy to play with, when he’s not crying or pooping or… well that’s all they do. When they’re docile for one freakin’ second, you gotta get back at them for keeping you up so many nights. That’s when these costumes kick in.

Death Accessories

Strollers, cribs, toys, all made from knives and plenty of other stuff that look pretty capable of hurting your baby or worse, yourself.

Baby Snuggie