Wrap Your Mini: A 3D Mapping Billboard Project

Advertising is one such a field which always makes use of 3D Mapping and other such technologies. 3D Mapping Billboards are quite a rage these days as they allow for an augmented reality situation which makes selling or marketing much easier.

With that in mind, Wrap Your Mini is a new 3D Mapping Billboard project that seems to be really promising. When you look at the video, it is difficult to make out if it is actually 3D or augmented reality. It has been kick-started by ACCESS, which is a global creative agency that helps its clients to develop and use compelling communications. The video reveals pictures of a dull car that is placed strategically on a giant sized book.

The books pages are flipped in a 3D environment and with each flip of a page; splashes of colors and patterns bathe the car creating a magical and really pretty sight. Anybody who has learned Photoshop and 3D software would know that to create such a result is very difficult.

The video is very inspiring and it gives a hint to what the future of advertising might look like. Not only for marketing products, but augmented reality and 3D Mapping Billboard projects could help create awareness campaigns in areas that are prone to violence, unemployment and other social issues. Governments could use this technology to inspire youngsters to take up employment, go back to school or quit substances.

You could go ahead and read about the Aeon Project, which brings to you an unrealistic Immersive 3D HUD concept. You could also find out how Toyota’s Augmented Reality Touchscreen is different from the rest of them in the market. It certainly looks like the world of advertising and persuasion will soon change and we will see more of augmented reality and 3D mapping, and less of traditional billboards.