Guiltless Eating: Wrapper With A Face To Hide Your Meal

Our society is disgusting, and we’ve made of eating a shameful act. But despite this, eating is necessary to stay alive, and that’s where the Japanese come in with another crazy invention.


The Dentsu East team is an advertising agency that worked with the Japanese fast food chain Freshness Burger to create the Liberation Wrapper: a printed wrapper for burgers displaying a face so people (particularly women) don’t have to stare at you stuffing your mouth with juicy, delicious burgers. Apparently, in Japan it’s frowned upon to open your mouth big enough to fit a burger (is there any other way to eat them?) so, as crazy as it looks, it does fill a niche.

Learn more about the liberation wrapper in the video below these lines:

A big thank you to the Geekologie team for discovering this little gem!

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