Wrist PC Allows Computing Easily Away From Home

Over the last 20 years, the biggest innovation in personal computing has been finding a way to take your computer with you.  From the birth of the PC, people have loved being able to do things they couldn’t do in the privacy of their living room before, but almost immediately the desire to more from outside the house was born.

Remember when the only way you could actually manage your finances on the computer was using a program like Quicken, which only worked on the computer’s desktop?  Now there are a ton of different apps that allow you to actually manage your entire financial portfolio on the go with your smartphone.

Computers, too have had to find a way to become more mobile as users are wanting both computing on the go that is also very fast and it is the idea that spawned netbooks and Chromebooks alike.

Now it appears we have actually come across a particular device that combines the best in mobility with personal computing.  This particular computer can actually be worn exactly as you would a watch and when you want to you can either do your web-surfing right there on your wrist, or taking the computer off and use part of the band as a handy dandy mini stand.

The WristPC has a 3.5 inch touch screen as well as the keyboard, meaning when using this particular gadget, you can truly feel as though you are someone right out of your favorite sci-fi series.  The fact that you can actually SMS someone with the device and there is actually a wireless earpiece that you can detach from the watch and make phone calls, meaning you basically have a wrist communicator like we all saw our favorite science fiction stars use when we were growing up.

The ability to position the screen however you would like also makes using this particular device easy to use if you are using it as a useful tool when you are out walking about and need the help of a GPS device.  This particular watch is more than just a cool toy, the functionality it brings means its a device that is also incredibly useful to have and its design means there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it with you at all times.