X-Ray Murals Reveal Buildings That Once Stood There

Look around the place you live sometime. How many old buildings do you see. If you live in most modern towns and cities, that number is dwindling. One interesting project attempts to recreate the buildings that once stood there.

The Nefelejcs Project in Budapest, Hungary is amazing, if difficult to type for people used to English. A collective college themselves Merge Invisible has studied architectural plans for the city, talked to the people who lived next to the old buildings, and even imprints left on the sides of the buildings that are still standing to create X-ray murals of the buildings that once existed.

X-ray mural 1

X-ray mural 2

X-ray Mural 3

X-Ray mural 4

X-ray mural 5

These murals are incredibly detailed, featuring the outlines of houses, rooms, walls, and even furniture. In one of the murals, they’ve even recreated one of the occupants. You can see a video of them constructing part of the project below:

This is a pretty cool way to remember that our built environment is constantly in flux, no matter how permanent the buildings seem. It’s also a reminder to hold onto our history. The Facebook gallery for the project holds many more images.

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