Xbox 360 Personal Gaming Module – A Safehaven for Gamers

Happily play Xbox 360 games in the perfect “fortress of solitude” from life’s worries in this makeshift pod.

Xbox Personal Gaming Module image

Don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way of your precious gaming time? Boy, don’t I know it! You’re about to sit down to play some Bioshock Infinite and NOPE — quickly interrupted by the Siren’s song of responsibility. Good grief.

Although fear not my fellow gamers, because located in Youngstown, Ohio is a fine shelter from the duties of adulthood, a Xbox 360 Personal Gaming Module or “The Box” as it’s nicknamed. And while it might look like a beat up dumpster on the outside, it’s best to remember that it’s what’s inside that counts.

There you’ll find a high-definition LCD TV (looks like a 24 inch-er) strapped on a adjustable Omnimount, which should perfectly display whatever game you so choose from a connected Xbox 360, all while enjoying the cool breeze of a built-in air conditioner.

Xbox Personal Gaming Module Craigslist image

This personal gaming module even has custom-made seating for up to two adults; not that you should want to share your private gaming retreat, but in the off chance of getting stir crazy spending all that time alone, it might be nice to have a best bud around. You can even roll it to their place, too!

Via Craigslist for $2,500 USD – and the price of going over to Ohio and picking it up – you can own “The Box” for yourself and hide away from all the troubles of the modern world, like wearing pants. Just be sure to poke out your head every now and then for the latest geeky news from, be it a new look for the Transformers or a Game of Thrones wedding cake.