Xbox Goes Light Speed With Millennium Falcon Mod

Modders delight at the idea of taking their precious gaming devices and modding them into their own favorite images. As with all Star Wars fan boy pieces, this Millennium Falcon Xbox 360 mod is an amazing piece of work.

This piece of art is stunning. The creator, Mark Bongo, took an old Millennium Falcon and modded the entire body to support his Xbox 360. Featuring some awesome blue lights, this mod is fully capable at taking your Xbox to light speed, though it probably wont help your load times.

The different lights aren’t just for show though, as some of them have functions. The top Radar Dish functions as the Internet activity indicator, and the top turret blinks to show hard drive activity. On the right side of the device is all of the input modules, the disc drive, and the power input as well. On the bottom, the blue lights look spectacular, and the back of the Falcon has the fans for the Xbox. Overall, this mod looks spectacular, and although it may not be able to improve the performance of your Xbox, Bongo certainly did an amazing job of reviving the looks of the best gaming console out there. To see other amazing creations/mods from the designer, check out the website, Major League Mods. Check out the video below to see the creation in full action!

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