Xiaomi might be preparing a gaming console release

Chinese giant Xiaomi might be ready to jump into the gaming market this 20th of January, after China’s ban on video game consoles comes to an end.


The 20th of January will see the end of China’s ban on video game consoles, and the Chinese company Xiaomi might take that opportunity along with every other major player in the gaming world to provide China with their products. Xiaomi is already a household name in Asia when it comes to smartphones, competing head to head with Apple or Samsung, but this would be their first attempt to compete against the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

Now, this is all hearsay so far, and we don’t know what the company will release: it may even be an accessory for a console that already exists more than a video game itself but the market is buzzing with speculation because all of their products have been hits so far.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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