Xilent’s Boss Wave Gets Uber-Geeky Video

The most recent video of Polish dubstep music producer Xilent features glorious 16-bit elements similar to the ones of video games from the ’90s.

Nowadays, many people seem to be nostalgic about the ’80s and ’90s. They’re bringing back Tetris, this time in a tangible form, and even Microsoft tries to lure people into using IE by reminding them of that era. This clip’s theme is also related to those decades, since the music sounds like 16-bit dubstep and the whole video is about a guy using a mecha robot to fight a boss wave that threats humanity.

As I’ve mentioned in the past here, I hate dubstep with a passion. The ironic thing is that on the same day I stumbled upon two geeky videos (this one and The Turret Anthem), and while I despise this music genre (if it can even be called music!), I loved the part meant for the eyes. As if the whole Universe conspires against me, just to salt the blade and twist the knife, dubstep songs are present everywhere, from movie trailers and clubs to commercials. One cannot ignore them, no matter how hard he tries.

Back to Xilent’s (named Eryk Kowalczyk in the real world) video, after the opening, when the protagonist plays a 16-bit game on a TV set, we watch him going to be backyard and crawling inside a mecha robot looking very much like the one in the game. He then proceeds to protecting the humans and subhumans (as the children are called in this clip) from an alien race whose individuals look very much like capsules. What annoys me, besides the music, is the fact that he wears sunglasses while inside the robot. The glass dome representing the robot’s head should feature some sort of filter. It should be noted that the mecha robot recognizes humans by analyzing their eyes and ears. The analysis of the latter is probably necessary for determining whether the ears of humans can cope with Xilent’s music. After defeating the boss at the end of the level, he grabs a gem in one of his hands and…

As seen at the end of the video, the girlfriend/wife goes to the backyard to find her boyfriend playing inside a cardboard robot. Aw, poor-poor delusional dubstep music producer! Unfortunately, the protagonist of the clip is actor Tobias Pettersson and not Xilent himself.

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