YouTube in the 1990s Imagined

What would YouTube look like if it were invented way back in the 90s? Pretty lame and funny as hell of course.

This pseudo-promotional video uploaded by certain DOS enthusiasts might just help you imagine what YouTube might have looks like in the 1990s. An annoying voice that harks back to the days of TV show presenters in the 90s tells you what YouTube is, and how it could change the world by making watching TV passé.

She goes on to say how you could leave constructive criticism and become a reviewer in your own right. She says something about everyone being a Larry King himself or herself, thanks to YouTube. I see the video more as a parody of users’ behavior on YouTube which ranges from the inane to downright rude. The video is painfully slow, but will surely make you laugh your guts out.

You could also go ahead and take a look at Facebook in the 90s and Angry Birds in the 90s, which we had featured sometime ago. There is something uniquely attractive about imagining our present in the garb of the past. Funnily, what we believe is futuristic today will soon become redundant and ancient within a span of a decade.