Imagine If Facebook Had Existed In The 90s

We take Facebook for granted, as if it had always been around, but we forget the site launched recently, in 2004. We spend so much time in there it feels the site has been around forever. Also, we assume our dear readers started (for the most part) using computers in the late 80s-early 90s, when not even having an Internet connection was that common. Now, this video is for you, guys.


Imagine if Facebook had existed around the time point-and-click adventures were huge, and graphic interfaces such as Windows were a novelty. The team at Squirrel Monkey felt like remembering old times, and that is how this video came to exist. Enjoy Facebook in all of its 56K glory!

Younger readers probably will refuse to believe it, but that’s not only what the Internet looked like in the 90s, it’s also how technology tv shows sounded like. Same monotone, awkward and strange voices. Damn, the past sucked.

We first heard about this video from the team at Geekosystem. If you still feel like poking fun at social media sites, check out Social Networks as Superheroes [Infographic] and What If Seinfeld Had Social Media? [Comic].