13 Zelda Fans Show Off Their Tattoos

The Legend of Zelda franchise, which turned 25 years old just a while ago, has grown to become one of the most beloved sagas in videogame history, and Link, as the Hero of Time, an icon along the likes of Super Mario, Solid Snake or Megaman.

Such is the love for the franchise that fans have to carry it on their skin anywhere they go. And sometimes a shirt is just not enough, so tattoos come up again as the ultimate geek tribute.

With so many different Links, with different aesthetics each (cartoony, elfish,  8-bit retro), people get to choose which one means the most to them and work around that, making the popular icon highly customizable to fit each fan. Here are some of the most kickass tattoos we could find.

The Legend of Zelda Logo

When even the logo is this arty, and good-looking, why would you even need the characters in your tatoo?

Wind Waker Tattoos

The cartoon-ish Link from Wind-Waker, Spirit Tracks and Phanton Hourglass became a fan favorite thanks to its deep, well-designed games where the traveling aspect of the adventure is enhanced and Link and Zelda get to travel on boats and trains throughout the land. The most beloved out of this trilogy is the Wind Waker for Gamecube, and for good reasons. These tattoos are a kickass tribute to that.

The Windwaker’s version of Link is outrageously cute thanks to its design which takes advantage of the cell-shading technology and the Gamecube’s power. This, added with a beautiful palette which made the world look straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie, ended up as one of the most unique designs in the saga. Also, wasn’t Tetra one of the most kickass incarnations of Zelda so far? Pure attitude.

Link from Twilight Princess

While only a work in progress by forum user The Chosen One, this is starting to show its potential, paying homage to the sort-of older Link from Twilight Princess. Another work in progress, this is Link straight out of the official Twilight Princess artwork, looking as ready for the action as ever.

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time is one of the most beloved Zelda titles ever released. Practically being available in every Nintendo console released since it came out, it has seen a remake, expansion or re-release. The game is so awesome that only a full-colored tattoo would do it justice. Also, ever since Adult Link first appeared in Ocarina of Time, fans asked for more. Now, here’s some eye candy for those who prefer the grown up version seen also in Twilight Princess and the upcoming Skyward Sword.

Link from Four Swords

Just like the heroes of Four Swords, artist and fan collaborated on this wonderful design which pays homage to the 2004 videogame.

8-Bit Hearts Tattoo

Can you feel the magic? Those awesome 8-bit sounds and beautiful, minimalist characters came flowing to your mind right away? This tribute to the NES days definitely packs a punch. Only for the retro lovers.