Zelda tresure chest is actually is a engagement ring box

Engagements ought to be special, and nothing feels quite as special as finding treasure or a new item in The Legend of Zelda games.


People younger than the Zelda franchise itself are getting married, so entire generations have grown with it – it’s part of everyone’s lives now, at least for the geekiest portion of the world. It’s not surprising that some of us would want to reference it. That is exactly what this $200 Zelda inspired treasure chest with a ‘floating’ rupee engagement ring box does, bring the franchise to the most important moment of your life.


The chest is much more than a good looking chest, it also plays the tune of a chest opening straight from the games when you lift the lid, and features a huge red rupee in the center where the rings are stored (wait, so my love is only worth a red rupee? I would say it’s worth at least a purple / huge rupee, dammit).


Via Geekologie

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