May the Triforce Light Your Way: Zelda Triforce Lamp

In a bunch of ‘Zelda’ games, Link has to protect the Triforce from evil forces. How about the Triforce now protects you from bumping into stuff, instead?

Introducing, Zelda Triforce Lamp, handcrafted by Pete Betcher from Etsy. The lamp features a design that should be recognizable to every Zelda fan: that of the Triforce. It features a quarter inch wood frame stained with a light walnut stain, which rounds up a classic look, as sort of an old radio, which was probably one of the inspirations for this.

The product itself is 11? tall, 5.5? wide, 3? deep, and houses a single 40w frosted candelabra bulb which shines through sturdy, translucent acrylic. It might not be the best light for reading, but it is sure to provide some great ambiance, just like the franchise it was created after.


The fans are pretty much the reason why the Zelda franchise is so beloved: just like a real legend, there’s more to it than whatever Nintendo lets us have and so, products like this surface. Now, while this might look great in a Hyrulean temple, or an altar to the goddess, it will go straight to your room if you so want it.

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This product was found thanks to our friends at Nerd Approved. Thank you, guys!