Zombie Hunter Toadette

Toad might not have faired well against the horror that is zombie Princess Peach, but Toadette is fully prepared to take on the pink menace and more.

Zombie Hunter Toadette front

Kodykoala has been creating various zombie-themed Mario figurines, with great success. This current creation highlights the tossed aside Toadette and makes her into a badass. Though she’s still smiling, Toadette looks as though she’s been through a couple fights as she’s caked with blood from head to toe. She also has a huge arsenal of weapons that are both from the human world (pistols, shotguns, machete and a rocket launcher)  and from the Mario world (invincibility star, Bullet Bill, blocks and question mark blocks).

Zombie Hunter Toadette close up

Toadette herself looks happier and, dare I say, hotter in Zombie Mushroom Kingdom than before. She has kept the signature pigtails and pink outfit from her quieter times in the kingdom, but somewhere along the way she found some sweet goggles to keep the blood splatter from getting into her eye (potentially keeping her from becoming a zombie), a necklace (maybe a keepsake from Toad, may he rest in peace) and a flashy gold vest. To complete the female zombie hunter look, Toadette is now sporting some serious cleavage. The attention to detail and mixture of zombie and Mario is great and is so believable that it isn’t too far-fetched to imagine a zombie Mario game. Could you imagine?

Zombie Hunter Toadette left close up

Kodykoala has done a great job of combining two seemingly different things into one great scene. We’d love to see a zombie Bowser, Mario and Luigi. The question there would be, would zombie Bowser still kidnap zombie Peach and would Mario still save the Princess or would he be too concerned with his new favorite pass time: eating brains?

Zombie Hunter Toadette back

Zombie Hunter Toadette

Zombie Hunter Toadette Side

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