Night of the Living Luigi

When you think about it, Luigi from the Super Mario Bros Franchise gets kind of a raw deal. Especially compared to his brother Mario. Considering he’s taller and thinner, you’d think he’s be the one in charge. Instead, he’s eternally relegated to 2nd player status and Mario always gets to take home Princess Peach. Some guys have all the luck and some guys have none.

Maybe that’s why custom toy modder Daniel Kennedy chose Luigi to turn into a blood thirsty zombie. A part of his series of zombified Nintendo characters, Zombie Luigi takes the second banana of Marioworld and imagines him as one of the walking dead, wandering the Mushroom Kingdom in search of tasty, tasty human flesh. Wait. Are those little toad and toadettes human? Whatever they may be, to Undead Luigi they’re nothing more than a hot lunch.

The details of Luigi’s ghoulish transformation are still¬† unkown, but his missing foot, torn apart face and gaping chest wound suggest it wasn’t a painless one. Under Kennedy’s nasty attentions, the hapless Number #2 plumber has become a blood-soaked scourge of skin-chomping destruction. Never again will Mario be able to claim he is the toughest plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead of fighting turtles and collecting coins, he know has a Luigi-led, full-scale zombie apocalypse to clean up. That is if Zombie Luigi doesn’t get his cold dead hands on him first.

You can check out more of Daniel Kennedy’s zombie characters (and a whole lot of other toy mods) on his website. And for even more zombie goodness, take a look here.

Via: Flickr