Cardboard Gundam: Taking Paper Products to an Anime Level

Are you bored of those plastic toy Gundam models yet? If you are, you should take a look at this cardboard Gundam!

first cardboard gundam

As detailed as any plastic model you’ve ever bought, this cardboard Gundam is a sight for sore and jaded eyes. Departing from the tradition of miniature models of a real Gundam – yes, they are real – this one does those seen in the T.V. show more justice. However, the cardboard lends it with a look all its own, and which Gundam better to experiment with than the fan-favorite Wing Zero?!

So intricate is the detail of this cardboard Gundam that it must have taken its craftsman months to complete. Wing Zero’s signature crest borne on its head, breastplates, shoulder pads and wings are included. Heck, even the crotch is there. All has been precisely measured to fit with the rest. The only missing detail seems to be its color scheme, but I’m sure it can be easily realized.

Another great thing about the cardboard Wing Zero is that it shares the same immovability found in its plastic predecessors! As you can see from the pictures, it can be arranged in a vast number of different poses due to the independent movement of each limb. The arms and legs are free to move any which way you like, as they are complete with elbows and knees, respectively. And, most importantly, movement of the head is also viable.

The cardboard Wing Zero also includes its sword, shield and battle rifle as seen on the program. Being a necessary ingredient in any intimidating Gundam pose, why wouldn’t they be? Now all that’s missing is a cardboard Epyon to pose alongside the Wing Zero for an epic battle!

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Via: The Cardboard Gundam

4 thoughts on “Cardboard Gundam: Taking Paper Products to an Anime Level

  1. bilbo.

    I watch cartoons all day and can tell you that the proportion is off by .3 milimeters. Also I know every robot’s designation, this is not the one you speak of, but another one that closely resembles it. If you only spent more of your time doing important things like watching cartoons and playing video games you would know. FAIL!

  2. Tsubine.

    …Can you do your research? That’s NOT the Wing Zero. In fact, it’s not even from the SAME SERIES. It’s the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny.


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