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A Online magazine for Men that grants various daily items on love and dating advice, celebrities info, health and more.


Men’s Lifestyle is covered with different hilarious, weird, fashionable, sexual, techy, and geeky items.



A wonderful resource for Web developers and other needs throughout the web.

College Humor

College Humor is one of the funniest places on the web, with daily videos, pictures, jokes and original comedy.

Dark Roasted Blend

An ongoing collection of the world’s weirdest yet most wonderful things.

device mag logo thumb


Passionate articles about Technology and Gadgets, no matter how small or large.

DJMick V2 Logo


This is a great site with a variety of news, images and interesting thing related to the Sexy and Cool.



Design Blog about Architecture and Interior design.


A place for information about Green Technology and Green Politics.



A Blog that combines an Green gathering along with a satisfying and wholesome lifestyle.

Environmental Graffiti

Environmental blog which focuses on ecological and green political issues.


Amazing designs supplemented daily for your home, furniture, architecture, bedroom and much more, including advice and tips.



A glamor Blog of Gadgets, Designs and Geeks that is aimed for Women of this Modern World.

gadgethim logo


One stop place for Men’s Gadgets, hi tech toys and other cool technology for Men.

Gadget Venue

Blog about the coolest gadgets and gizmos.

Geek Alerts

Daily news about gadgets, designs, gizmos, and electronics.

Geeky Gadgets

The latest news and updates on cool gadgets and geeky tech.

Green Packs

A place that illustrates a passion about a cleaner Earth, writing of Ecology, green energy, innovative engineering and more.


Holy Taco

An amazing site covering girls, babes, jokes, video, photos and other various and entertaining findings from across the Web.

I Am Bored

The place to get rid of your boredom with a variety of fun items from the Web.


Life In the Fast Lane

Odd, weird and offbeat news tailored for fun.

Mr. Gadget

Gadget shopping along with reviews, details and additional information for a secure shopping experience.



An amazing place and resource for Designs, Graphics and Tutorials.



One stop PS3 site about everything related to PS3 Mods, Playstation 3 cheats, updates, news, games, themes and all about the PS3 game console.

Retrevo Blog


Screen Junkies

A great site for Movie and TV Reviews made for Men.

Six Revisions

If you are looking for useful info about Web Development and Design, this place is for those who build websites.


Smashing Apps

Amazing Online resources, apps and other free tools for Designer and Developers.



An awesome source for everything related to Technology that is filled with up-to-date news throughout the day.



A great place of Gadgets, Gizmos and Tech Stuff to shop and review.


Covers important Technology news, developments, trends and insightful analysis.


Cool blog covering new stuff in the Tech World including gadgets, sports, arts, entertainment and more.


Features latest technology, gadgets and gizmos.


The Chive

The Chive is the largest photo Blog on the Web granting a variety of amazing stories sure to entertain anyone.

The Daily Green

Includes news items, a dictionary of environmentalist terms and more for the green followers.



A Blog about design, inspiration and Technology, showcasing the best daily finds.


Exposing Bits of the Web with various subjects.

Data visualizations And infographics –

Like infographics and data visualizations? is the world’s largest community of dataviz and infographics. Come explore, share and create.

Visual News

Visual News is a publication featuring artists who are doing great work. Visual News also serves as an outlet for Column Five to publish visual representations of newsworthy events.



A blog about amazing urban design, culture, travel, architecture and alternative art.


Weird Asia News

Weird News, offbeat subjects, strange topics, in odd and crazy Engrish.



A Blog dedicated to Nintendo art, Wii Gadgets, Mods, creations and much more fun stuff about the amazing Nintendo consoles.



Cool place for all the Xbox 360 Mods, Xbox Games, Accessories, News and everything related to the Microsoft Xbox gaming console.