Geeky Twist on the Last Supper Painting

To be a geek is to be cool in 2013, especially when it involves great knowledge of video games, certain TV shows and films. Even something as eternal as the last supper drawing needs somewhat of geeky twist to remain relevant.

Video Game Characters

Video Game last Supper

I’m not convinced people think Mario is the actual Jesus of video gaming, but if not him, than who?

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Well, if you followed the series and the movie in the 1980’s, you know that Optimus Prime was kinda resurrected.

Lego Last Supper

Lego Last Supper

Everything looks better with small little yellow figures replacing the originals.


House MD Last Supper

House doesn’t believe in God, but he does have the power to cure people, and he probably thinks he’s just as important as Jesus.

Last Supper of Famous Clowns

Scary CLowns Last Supper

Krusty, for some reason isn’t wearing makeup. And there are three Jokers on this desk. One of them should be sitting in the middle instead of Tim Carey.

Lost Supper


I’m pretty sure Jack should be sitting in the middle. Dead is dead, even on this island.

Lion Cubs Eat

Lion King

A lot of people don’t take Jesus seriously. If you don’t believe me, check out these geeky Jesus artworks or the face of Mister J painted on nails.