Wall-E Bento Art is Too Cute To Eat

wall e bento art

We already know how cute Wall-E can be with those puppy-like eyes, and this Bento art is just as adorable, but the problem is that no one can really get themselves to take a bite out of Wall-E.

wall e bento lunchbox art

Created by the amazing AnnaTheRed, this is a beautiful creation of Wall-E that would get you hungry for more like the Tetris Bento Lunchbox did. She goes over what makes up each item and shape:

- rice wrapped with egg sheet
- seaweed on cheese and carrot
- seaweed on rice mixed with black sesame seed and salt
- konnyaku (yam cake) and seaweed

cool wall e bento lunch

- quail egg
- kamaboko dyed with purple cabbage juice on seaweed


Garbage cubes:
- Japanese style hamburger

- carrot

Other food:
- broccoli
- asparagus
- rice
- lettuce

Sounds tasty and healthy. Perhaps these kind of foods should be marketed along with Wall-E and maybe get the kids of today to eat a little healthier. But then again…what executive will buy to that notion?

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cute wall e bento