10 Cool Coasters That Will Make Your Day

Have a visitor? A cool coaster will lit up any day. For those who don’t recognize this, coasters are a small tray or mat placed under a bottle or glass to protect the table underneath.

Whether you’ll buy one to use at home or even at your office, one of these things are at best with simple collections as well. That being said, have a look at this 10 crazy coasters we found that we’re sure will definitely make your day!

1. Funny Coaster For Parties

With this kind of coaster at your home, they will be extra careful with your table. No need to tell them directly!Funny Coaster For Parties Isn’t it funny to see this kind of sayings on the coaster? I bet anyone who can see this will absolutely be more careful on their drinks! It’s a hilarious way to remind people to keep their drinks away from your table. You do get three different sayings with this set to match the personalities of each of your guests. It also comes with a holder. Perfect for parties and even as a gift for your friends and family.

2. Vinyl Record Disk Coaster

Music lovers, get your hands on some 80’s vibes with this Vinyl Record Disk Coaster. Vinyl Record Disk Coaster Hosting your band’s mini-concert at your backyard or having an ’80s themed party at home? You can make your friends jealous with this record disk themed coasters. It is with a small rubber disc on the bottom that makes sure that your table will be protected and non-slip, at the same time fun and creative. These coasters could protect the surface of the table from damage while putting hot or cold drinks on the table.

3. Cactus Shaped Coaster

Nature lover? This coaster is for you! Cactus Shaped Coaster Aside from its cool design, this coaster comes with a cute flower pot shaped holder. It consists of 6 different sizes coasters for you to easily find one that fits your bottle, cup or glass. You may think it is foam at first sight, but NOT. What makes it better is that its heat resistant and waterproof to protect your table. With its unique design and creative design, it can both be perfect for home use, parties and a perfect gift for your friends and family.

4. Natural Wood Slices Coaster

If you are into arts and crafts, this coaster is perfect for you! Natural Wood Slices Coaster This one is also unique with its design. It is a natural wood slices coaster that you will surely love. Package includes 10 pieces of tree discs pre-polished. Knowing that it is a real wood slice, some wood bark may fall from the slices. Sizes may slightly vary due to manual cutting. It is definitely suitable for home use, parties, wedding, backdrop decorations, and more.

5. Shotgun Shell Coaster

Mostly boys and dads will love this coaster! Shotgun Shell Coaster This shotgun shell themed coaster has its unique and edgy design. It is larger than other coasters with its 4″ diameter model -coasters and holder. It gives more space for your can, glass or bottles! This package includes 4 jumbo coasters and a holder. Makes it perfect as a gift, for different occasions or even just for personal use only.

6. Nintendo Cartridge Coasters

Gamers; The long wait is over, these coasters are for you.

Nintendo Cartridge Coasters

This one will definitely make your day! Level up and let the game started with this coaster set. It is cool and great protection for your table. It is also a unique memorabilia to add to your collection of old school Nintendo items. Impress your friends with these wicked vintage coasters that feature some of the NES’s most iconic games including Metroid, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda.

7. Typewriter Coasters

This one is definitely unique and stylish at the same time.

Typewriter Coasters

If you are into vintage things and love seeing some old and rusty collections, this one is perfect for you. This unique typewriter coaster has a typewriter design and a metallic holder. It is made of rubber non-slip pads on base and coasters. It is definitely perfect for parties, home dinners, or even as a gift for your old school friends.

8. 7 Wonders Of The World Coasters

Every person who loves to travel will definitely want one of this!7 Wonders Of The World Coasters

Keep your table dry while thinking of your next dream destination! Go around the world with this unique, hand-drawn illustrations of Petra, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza. You can also be eco-friendly because it is made of cork. Perfect for hot or ice-cold drinks at your home or at a party! Will also be much appreciated if given as a gift.

9. Cute Cat Coasters

How could you resist to buy one of this super duper cute coasters?

Cute Cat Coasters

Well definitely, cat lovers will get crazy at this. The package consists of 6 different cat cup coasters made of silicone rubber. It can absorb any moisture and protects your table from having a stain. It has a good size that fits perfectly for your cup, glass or bottle. Also used as a hot pad or trivet. It is also a perfect kitchen gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, wife, girlfriend, woman, female friends, Christmas gift idea.

10. Funny Novelty Coasters

And for our last coaster, this funny novelty coaster that will surely make your day.

Funny Novelty Coasters

Have a drink and laugh because you only live once! Protect your table or bar with these hilarious high-quality coasters. It includes 6 coasters, each with a unique saying that adds an element of witty fun to the party. Perfect for white elephant gifts, Christmas presents, housewarming gifts, birthday presents, hostess gifts, or to add a unique flair to your home bar.

And that’s it! I’m pretty sure that you got one favorite with our list. Go on, and get one of them while it is still in the market place! Make your day witty and cool while protecting your lovely table with this crazy coasters.