10 Surreal & Creepy Breaking Bad Caricatures

One of the most significant TV events of the last few years was the Breaking Bad Finale – the ending of possibly the best TV show ever made.

A cultural phenomenon that’s going to take forever to forget about, it’s also spawned this wonderful series of illustrations by Illustrator and caricaturist Anthony Geoffroy, capturing the creepiness of the show in his work.

Walter White & Jesse Pinkman

Walter & Jesse

A bromance that didn’t make it all the way.

The One Who Knocks – Walter White


Jesse “Robots?!” Pinkman


Saul “The Criminal Lawyer” Goodman

Just call saul

Hank Schrader – The DEA Agent Who Found Out Too Much

Hank Schrader

Tortuga – Not the Most Useful of Snitches


Tuco Salamanca – A Nephew Who Knows How to Treat His Uncle

Tuco Salamanca

Mike Ehrmantraut – He did it all for his Grandchild


Gus “I’m Not Colonel Sanders” Fring

Gus Fring

Hector Salamanca – The One Who Rings

Hector Salamanca

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