10 Surreal & Creepy Breaking Bad Caricatures

One of the most significant TV events of the last few years was the Breaking Bad Finale – the ending of possibly the best TV show ever made.

A cultural phenomenon that’s going to take forever to forget about, it’s also spawned this wonderful series of illustrations by¬†Illustrator and caricaturist¬†Anthony Geoffroy, capturing the creepiness of the show in his work.

Walter White & Jesse Pinkman

Walter & Jesse

A bromance that didn’t make it all the way.

The One Who Knocks – Walter White


Jesse “Robots?!” Pinkman


Saul “The Criminal Lawyer” Goodman

Just call saul

Hank Schrader – The DEA Agent Who Found Out Too Much

Hank Schrader

Tortuga – Not the Most Useful of Snitches


Tuco Salamanca – A Nephew Who Knows How to Treat His Uncle

Tuco Salamanca

Mike Ehrmantraut – He did it all for his Grandchild


Gus “I’m Not Colonel Sanders” Fring

Gus Fring

Hector Salamanca – The One Who Rings

Hector Salamanca

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