11 Creepiest Imaginary Friends Kids Have Had

Imaginary friends can be some harmless fun for a child, but it also can turn into something quite creepy and disturbing, especially when it’s in real life and not some horror flick you’re watching.

A mother asked on Reddit’s askreddit sub about the creepiest thing someone ever heard from their kids about their imaginary friends. I’m pretty sure some of these are made up, but they’re all the kinds of things nightmares are made of.

The Bad Boys in the Kitchen

The bad boys in the kitchen


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Tiny Old Tony Rygell

Tiny Old Tony Rygell


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The Kid Who Spoke With Angels

The Kid who spoke with angels

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An Evil Stuffed Rabbit

The Stuffed Rabbit

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Lady Singer in Red

Lady singer in red


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The Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross

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An Old White Guy With a Beard

Old White Guy With a Beard


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The Creeper Man

The Creeper Man

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The Dead Girl in the Closet

The Dead Girl in the Closet


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The Guy Under the Coffee Table

Coffee table guy


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Dodo and Deedee

Dodo and Deedee


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