LG, Panasonic and Sharp Team Up to Make Hi-Tech Houses

Under the idea of the ‘Internet of things’, LG, Panasonic, Sharp along with several other tech companies, have teamed up to make our homes even more connected.

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Companies in the tech market as we know it; be it those who make smartphones, tablets or even TVs, are all competing against each other for who can be the most well-known, well-liked and most profitable brand. It’s what pits Apple’s iOS devices against their Android-powered competitors and what keeps players on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles from playing online multiplayer against players on Sony’s PS3 and PS4. The brand warfare, however, has few benefits for consumers as we miss out on things such as devices under the same brand working together and apps that aren’t yet released on every smartphone platform. However, while not eliminating the problem entirely, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and few others have now teamed up to make our homes, if not our gadgets, a better alternative to expensive brand loyalty.

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Called the AllSeen Alliance, and made up of The Linux Foundation (which spearheaded the partnership), LG, Qualcomm, Panasonic, Sharp, Silicon Image and TP-Link, it all sounds a bit like the technological version of Marvel’s Avengers. However, slightly less comic book heavy, the group actually want to create an open framework allowing all of your devices: be they iOS, Android, smart TVs, routers or set-top boxes, to work together. They plan to do this by building upon foundations laid out by Qualcomm’s AllJoyn software platform by “contributing software and engineering resources.”

Whether the companies listed will offer monetary contributions or a contribution to researching the project isn’t clear, but it could change a lot of things within the tech market, saving everyone time in the future as they frustratedly try to get their iPhone to work with the Sony Smart TV that they got at discount in the present. In terms of money, it could mean that you’ll no longer have to buy an iPhone to make the most of your iMac, or a Windows 8 phone to get the best out of your PC and so you can buy them all discounted when they’re available without having to fork out extra for the sake of connected devices or brand loyalty.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: engadget

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