12 Movie Posters as Neon Signs

How many people decide whether or not they’ll watch an upcoming film based on how attractive the posters are? Some people actually make their decisions based on that superficial reasons, so for them watching the evolution of film poster art is probably quite exciting.

What’s the next step? Thanks to the contagious Internet format of the gif and the awesome work of Mr Whaite, we can see movie posters remade to give us the very Las Vegas feeling of neon lighting.

Batman – The Tim Burton Film With Jack Nicholson

Back to The Future



King Kong – I’m Not Sure Which Version

Jaws – Before The Series Turned Into S***

Jurassic Park

Psycho – Not The One With Vince Vaughn

Pulp Fiction

Star Wars IV – A New Hope

Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back

Superman – The 20th Century Version

For more movie poster awesomeness, check out these breathtaking renditions made to some classic movie posters or these fan-made versions with a different kind of twist.