LG G Flex ‘Self Healing’ Feature Tested in New Video

As the LG G Flex smartphone prepares for release soon, the phone’s extraordinary self healing feature is tested and the results are caught on video right here.

LG G Flex image

By their very nature, smartphones of all shapes and sizes are designed to be portable. With their glossy touchscreen fronts and their matte, plastic (or often metal) backs, our phones go everywhere, like a technologically advanced globetrotter seeing the world from our pockets. What the portability of our phones also means is that they are extremely prone to danger, mostly in the form of scratches and marks that can make the sleek, stylish handsets that we’ve spent quite a bit of money on, look like a scratched up piece of junk just a few months later. The LG G Flex smartphone, however, has a ‘self healing’ function, which has been captured on tape, and we’ve got the footage for you here.


In the video, which you can see above, the phone is just about capable of fixing itself up after getting “light scratches or marks”, meaning that while it’ll be fine in the face of some rusty, old coins, dropping the LG G Flex from, say, a third storey window, or from the lofty heights of a crane and the chances of the phone surviving (or that the suffered cracks and scratches can be healed) will be understandably slim. Too, the phone couldn’t quite hold itself against deeper scratches from keys, as demonstrated in the footage, prompting some questions about the reality of the feature.

What the phone is good at, however, as the video shows, is that with the phone’s rounded screen, the LG G Flex is made to withstand weight, so if you’re a habitual ‘phone sitter-onner’ and don’t look where you’re sitting before you do, the phone will be able to withstand pressure from someone up to the size of the average male, bending accordingly to prevent breakages. The LG G Flex hasn’t yet been released in Europe or North America but when it does, LG will likely have to do more to justify what could be a $940 price tag.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Pocket Now

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