15 Awesome Bathroom Advertisements: The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had In a Restroom

With these fifteen awesome bathroom advertisements, you might just be able to forget that you’re missing what could possibly be the best scene of the movie while you do your business.Going to the bathroom is often something that interrupts our daily lives.  You’re watching Prometheus when, suddenly, nature calls.  In any case, the suffering is mitigated, and you might get to pee on something interesting.An aside: when nature calls, don’t answer the phone.  Nature kept calling me and eventually came to my house, trying to sedate me with some kind of injection.  Nature: a 45 year old man with serious delusions.

These fifteen creative bathroom advertisements will help make that small break in your life to be more enjoyable than ever before!  You will dance, you will cry, and you will laugh, but you won’t have a good time because your condition makes it hurt to pee.

1.  Mini Cooper’s Test Your Handling Skills

creative bathroom advertising


This is a bathroom that I would need to visit a couple of times, since not making it through the course would aggravate me.  “So you’re telling me that the reason you ignored me on our last date is because you wanted to pee around some cones in the bathroom?”  Exactly!  I’m glad you understand.  “We’re through.  Good luck peeing.”  But I need to mooch off of your income to afford bottled water!

2.  Try On Necklaces In The Bathroom

creative bathroom advertising


This awesome bathroom advertising tactic can be found in a certain unnamed jewelry store.  I think that this could go big in terms of being put in mens’ clothing stores – what better way to try on a tie when you have mono than to look at it in the mirror?  “You have mono?”  DUH – why else would i have tried on all of those snorkeling masks?

3.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving Advertisement

creative bathroom advertising


This is a very creative advertisement from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) which must have been hand placed.  The ad starts out as a car with a smash in the windshield, and then whoever is placing the advertisement must find a unique way to smash in the front end.  In this case, putting it on a urinal was an awesome idea!  (Drunk guys had a lot of beer to drink, which means they’re probably going to pee before they drive off and hit something.)

4.  Roxy Pool “Practice Your Shot” Ad

awesome bathroom advertising


Have you ever pocketed a nine ball by slapping it with your stream?  No?  Then you’ve never truly LIVED.  Go find this bathroom ad for Roxy Pool and have all the fun you want with the included nine ball!  A wonderfully interactive ad, if you ask me.

5.  New Behind-Mirror Ad Technique

awesome bathroom advertising


Wouldn’t it be awesome if advertisements should show up on in-mirror screens?  Well, they can, and yes, it is awesome.  This technology also allows for the ads to be moved around on the mirror, as well as being rotatable.  (More than one ad can be put into the purchased ad slot, since companies have to take turns.)  While this isn’t really a “new” technology, it hasn’t been implemented in very many restrooms, so I decided to call it new.  If you have a problem, we can go fight out back.  I brought my First Aid Kit, so I’m ready for whatever you can throw at me.

6.  Creative Skin Ad On Dryer

awesome bathroom advertising


While this is a creative ad, it kind of devalues itself.  The skin advertisement talks about how the dryer you are using right now is hurting your skin, and that you should use their product to fix the damage.  This makes dryers lame, and since your ads are on dryers, you ads are lame.  But, as long as people never go to a dryer with the ad on it twice, the campaign is very effective.

7.  Ad That Vilifies Paper Towels

bathroom advertising


The World Wildlife Foundation says that every time you take a paper towel, you are hurting third world countries like Africa.  Let’s see what my choice is: hurt my skin by using the blow dryer or save millions of people?  Difficult decision, indeed…

8.  Giant Mirrored Sunglasses

awesome bathroom advertising


The best kind of advertising?  The kind where a woman gets stared at by a caucasian male wearing large sunglasses and sporting a rather thin, childish mustache.   That’s what mine looks like after growing it out for a month, and that’s why I stick with the clean, shaven look.

9.  Score a Goal With Your Pee

awesome bathroom advertising


ESPN’s futbol advertisement is all about scoring a GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL on a much smaller scale than they do on the big screens.  (In a toilet.)  Also, you don’t get anything for your trouble except a small feeling of accomplishment on the inside.  This, if nurtured, will bloom into a beautiful flower!  Surgery will be required to remove the flower from inside of your body, however.

10.  The Girls Will Do Anything To Get To Me

creative bathroom advertising


This creative piece of bathroom advertising by Axe is a pretty accurate description of my life.  I lock my apartment door, the girls climb up the fire escape.  I lock myself in a gun cabinet, they take out their explosives.  It was really getting out of hand, so I stopped using Axe’s spray.

11.  This Is Why I Never Wash My Hands

awesome bathroom advertising


If the only way to get soap was to push on this guy’s nose and get what looks like snot spattered onto my palm, I’m not washing.  Sorry, folks, but there’s no way that this ends well.  Either I don’t wash my hands, or I use this, vomit on my hands, and then don’t wash my hands.  Either way, you all get sick, so…

12.  Blockbuster’s Streaming Service Ad

awesome bathroom advertising


This is a great piece of advertising, because it uses your already existing feelings against you.  These ads were put up in movie theaters everywhere, so when guys needed to take a leak during a great part in the movie, it mocks them by letting them know that they could have just pressed pause if they were using Blockbuster’s at home movies.  Then, I mock all of them by using Netflix because Blockbuster is the Jack in The Box of movie streaming.

13.  Skiing While You’re Doing Your Business

awesome bathroom advertising


This actually looks frighteningly realistic.  Sure, it’s an awesome piece of bathroom advertising, but I like to be relaxed when I’m doing my business.  An intense fear of heights combined with this giant, scary hill comes together to form an unpleasant experience.  For me and the next guy.

14.  As If The Skiing One Wasn’t Scary Enough

awesome bathroom advertising


As if the skiing bathroom ad wasn’t going to be scary enough, this bobsled bathroom makes me nauseous just looking at the picture.  And I’m not exaggerating – this messes with your brain man.  I FEEL LIKE I AM SIDEWAYS.  “Get off the floor, you moron.  Why are you lying on your side?”  Nevermind.

15.  Guitar Pee Lets You Make MPee3’s

awesome bathroom advertising


This is a great advertisement for Billboard, since it’s incredibly interactive.  I’ve never been much of a musician, but I can take a pee like a professional.  (I’ve had a lot of practice.)  Not only do you make instant music, you can download your tunes from the site!  This is awesome!