15 Dogs Dressed Up by Geeky Owners

Some people don’t have enough fun dressing up for Halloween or any over event involving putting on a geeky kind of costume. Some people need to put their pets through this uncomfortable charade just so they can post the pictures on¬†Facebook.


If he’s not going to keep your house in order, nobody will.

I’m not sure what they were going for here…

Probably the Greatest Picture of All-Time

A Tiny Looking Peter Parker

Held by a giant Green Goblin?

A more serious looking Peter Parker

Don’t Make This Dog Angry

Or he’ll expand and rip his pants apart.

Ready to go on a fruitless Quest

Ewok – Actually looking like the real deal

A Dog that’s truly going where no hound has gone before

Firefly fans have dogs as well

A dog after a few pints

A Dog from Hogwarts

And Fluffy

Nintendo Lover

A Mario must have a Bowser with him