15 Dogs Dressed Up by Geeky Owners

Some people don’t have enough fun dressing up for Halloween or any over event involving putting on a geeky kind of costume. Some people need to put their pets through this uncomfortable charade just so they can post the pictures on Facebook.


If he’s not going to keep your house in order, nobody will.

I’m not sure what they were going for here…

Probably the Greatest Picture of All-Time

A Tiny Looking Peter Parker

Held by a giant Green Goblin?

A more serious looking Peter Parker

Don’t Make This Dog Angry

Or he’ll expand and rip his pants apart.

Ready to go on a fruitless Quest

Ewok – Actually looking like the real deal

A Dog that’s truly going where no hound has gone before

Firefly fans have dogs as well

A dog after a few pints

A Dog from Hogwarts

And Fluffy

Nintendo Lover

A Mario must have a Bowser with him