Custom Super Mario Bros Game: Hungry Hungry Koopas

Do you remember Hungry Hungry Hippos? We do, and think it would be greatly improved with a Super Mario Bros edge. Introducing, Hungry Hungry Koopas.

The happy days of hippo smashing are back, and this time, geeky than ever before. Hungry Hungry hippos just got the Super Mario Bros treatment, and each of the hippos was turned into a Super Mario Bros boss, which you’ll surely recognize from Super Mario Bros 3, or New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The creator is a master crafter who goes by KodyKoala. He claims to have spent merely 50 hours creating this Hungry Hungry Hippos mod, and transforming it into the scariest Koopa Battle the kingdom has ever seen. The game will be up for sale at the El Paso Comic Con starting September 14th, so, if you like it, you know where to get it.





Source: Obvious Winner

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