16 Coolest Mailboxes With a Geeky Twist

Us geeks throw money to possess stuff to add to our collection. At times, we even get useful items that would flaunt our geekery over a certain character, series or what not. But sometimes, we do not have to spend, or just a small amount if needed, to parade that inner geek in each of us.

Some geeks have done so and even display it ostentatiously in front of their homes – not through life-size murals, but through their mailboxes. After all, the sky is the limit for anyone creative enough. Take a peek at some of the interesting mailboxes we found, and it could be your source of inspiration, too!

Darth Vader Mailbox

The force is strong in this mailbox, and you know it. Here’s an awesome mailbox inspiration for all you Darth Vader fans out there, with a use of black, gray and white paint, plus your painting skills, you’ll manage to have this Darth Vader mailbox displayed in your front yard in no time.

Solar-Powered Star Trek Mailbox

In terms of do-it-yourself stuff, creativity is your limit. And One individual was creative enough to make his mailbox look like a Star Trek Enterprise has landed in front of his house. If you are now `amused with how out of this world (and you can take that literally) his craft is, you have to hear more of it. This mailbox-turned-space craft can even light up with the solar power hardware infused in its design. Beat that!

Snoopy Mailbox

Yes, that’s Snoopy and his dog house. But at the same time, that’s a mailbox.

Are you a Mister or a Miss Brown? Or simply a Snoopy fan? You can have your own version of a Snoopy mailbox, too!

R2D2 Mail Box

Such a funky R2D2 mail box, you can admit it, this is cool. And it has been existing long enough. Blog site The Tech Lunch has spotted this in 2008, standing on the corner of Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue in South Beach in Miami, Florida.

Apple-inspired Mailbox

And we have those Apple geeks. One of them owns a house with a Macintosh for a mail box, its design at least.

Batman Mailbox

With Batman looking over his porch, I’d bet the owner of this house feels like feels like living in Gotham City.

Pacman’s Blink Mailbox

Pacman has not yet eaten this Blinky mailbox standing on Bowie, Maryland. Looks like a simple spray paint work. Not very fab, I must say, but cute nonetheless. You can make your own version of this, too!

Thomas the Tank Engine mailbox

Meanwhile, this mailbox is such a great copy of Thomas the Tank Engine. Aren’t you challenged enough yet?

Lego block mailbox

The addiction for LEGO collections is hard to outgrow and the owner of this mailbox will surely agree to that.

Futurama Bender Mailbox

In addition to his alcoholic intake, Bender can now also digest this house owners’ letters.

Wizard of Oz’ Tinwoodman Mailbox

Something to compete with the bender mailbox is this lifesize Tinwoodman mailbox.

Disney Mickey Mouse Vinyl Mailbox

Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans can also go for the simple but classy design: a clean white mailbox with Mickey and Minnie ears design, plus that Walt Disney font we are all familiar of. So simple you can do it yourself. Or, if you’re doubting your own capabilities, a seller on Etsy is offering Vinyl sticker designs that you can simply attach to your mailbox. Just don’t forget to neatly paint it first to get that dashing effect.

Nikelodeon X US Postal Service Sponge Bob Square Pants mailbox

No need to visit Bikini Bottom, for you can spot Sponge Bob right in Midtown Manhattan, New York. This sponge, or mailbox rather, is said to be one of the many made by Nikelodeon and the U.S. Postal Service to attract kids to write letters more. This unfortunately is the only SPonge Bob mailbox that remained on the streets. Time to build your own version!

Imperial Walker Mailbox

Damn cool, right? Looks like a lot of work was put in here! And I’d say it’s worth it, if it means having an Imperial Walker in front of your house.

Tazmanian Devil Mailbox

Pat on the back to whoever made this: it’s like Tazmanian Devil has been brought to life. But I wonder if his mails do not fall off from Taz’ huge mouth.

Elmo Mailbox

This is just as red and as fluffy as Elmo is on Sesame Street, only that this one is a mere mailbox and, sadly, won’t talk.