19 Best Geeky Halloween Costumes

The spooking season is fast approaching. To prepare yourself for the upcoming party, here are some of the best geeky Halloween costumes that would best represent the characters you love.

Bruce Wayne Smoking Jacket Robe

With this costume, you get two characters at the price of one. Reverse it and you become the legend that is Batman

Doctor Who Ladies’ 11th Doctor’s Purple Coat

Ready for more geeky Halloween costumes? check out this Lady Doctor Who fans can also get their chance to be Doctor Who this Halloween with this costume.

Rocket Raccoon Lounger

Who didn’t love Rocket the Raccoon‘s funny character in the “Guardians of the Galaxy”? It’s your chance to play the role this Halloween!

Rubie’s Men’s Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Star-Lord Costume

Meanwhile, we can only wish to look like Chris Pratt. But at least we can dress like him as Star Lord this Halloween.

Marvel Groot Mask

Of course, the Guardians of the Galaxy gang won’t be complete without our beloved Groot in the party!

Harry Potter Corset

The Harry Potter geeky Halloween costumes series has become a timeless piece of literature (and film) for many of us. And for the lady Harry Potter geeks, you can now choose the house you would like to don during the Halloween parade.

Harry Potter Slytherin Lounger

Here’s a costume for the Harry Potter Slytherin fanboys, too!

R2-D2 Fleece Robe

Hey Star Wars fans! Get this R2-D2 Fleece Robe  that can shift from your simple Halloween costume to your house robe after the season is over. Don’t forget to check out these great Star Wars Halloween costumes as well. 

Stormtrooper Fleece Robe

Or perhaps, you’d like to opt for Stormtrooper?

Star Wars Episode 3 – Darth Vader Adult Costume Kit

You can also get the full Darth Vader get up for a complete terrifying effect.

World of Warcraft Robe

You can also bring your favorite gaming character to life!

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Cardigan

For the little ones who were captured by Princess’ charm, here’s the outfit that can let you look like her for a day.

Ultron Robe

Or be that Marvel supervillain that will cast fear among the others with this Ultron robe costume. Then turn intothee actual robe use after.

Rubie’s Women’s Pokemon Pikachu Costume Dress

You don’t have to look like a mascot to wear your favorite Pokemon character, Here’s a Pikachu-inspired dress for all you girls that love Pikachu.

Adult Stitch Onesie

Buy this and be Stitch on your Halloween party and turn this geeky halloween costume into your cozy pajama every night.

elope Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume

Many of us have cannot outgrow Dr. Seuss’ classic literature with most of them taking part of our childhood. And Dr. Seuss’ imagination has brought us to like some of his interesting characters, such as The Cat in the Hat. Bring this character to life by wearing this costume for Halloween.

elope Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 Adult Tutu Costume

For the moms, you can be one of the cute “things” that serves as the Cat in the Hat’s companions.

Justice League Movie Superman Deluxe Adult Costume

Why not fly to the Halloween party as the Man of Steel that is SuperMan?

Wonder Woman Steampunk Corset Top

Or be the hottest chic hero of the Halloween party with this Wonder Woman costume. Looking for geekier Halloween awesomeness check out these scary Halloween masks and these cool Halloween dog costumes.