Xperia Play Gets Handled in the U.S.

After all that hype over Xperia Play’s Taiwan parking lot-debut earlier this month, it’s nice to see someone finally got their hands on one in the U.S.

Xperia Play Emulating Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Engadget has a great demo up right now, including a visual on the OS, the internals, a camcorder test, and good demonstration of the overall look and feel. Check it out below:

As you can see, the Play has the standard pinch zoom and swiping (it appears pretty effortless), the beautiful Android Gingerbread 2.3 are evident with this game phone, but we still have yet to see any native games played on the device, let alone any market applications for downloading said games. Still, the Engadget team managed to install some emulators that worked near perfectly in gameplay with the Xperia Play controls (post-individual button-mapping), including the likes of: Mario, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, and Battle Assault 2. How retro, right?

Confirmation on the internals is still to be seen, but their model was noted in Android as having a single-core 1.3GHz processor with an Andreno 205 GPU, and the rumor is the screen has a bit of Bravia technology in the background to keep it fly. Phone calls are also apparently crisp, but the Wi-Fi wasn’t working on this device nor the secondary microphone (supposedly noise cancellation) next to the rear camera. In addition, (we didn’t realize this before), the Xperia Play has two shoulder button controls; a must in most full-fledged games these days.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the Xperia Play’s launch date and pricing in the rumor mill. It keeps getting better and better.

Via: Engadget