24K Gold NES To Celebrate Zelda’s 30th Anniversary

It was 30 years ago when we first met Link and in the debut of The Legend of Zelda. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the anniversary. One of them is a 24k Gold NES. Not flashy at all.

A 24K Gold NES To Celebrate Zelda's 30th Anniversary

Analogue, who have the Analogue Nt, which is the closest you’ll get to an actual, original Nintendo system, are bringing out their flashiest edition yet. They’re dipping each piece of the Analogue Nt’s aluminum enclosure in gold from every possible direction, and hand polishing for the nice, shiny look we expect when we’re getting something authentic and gold.

The inside of the machine hasn’t been forgotten, having every unit sporting a transparent baseplate, so you can see exactly how the Analogue Nt is inside. And of course, the crown jewel and the reason for all this grandeur: The Legend of Zelda original gold colored cartridge.

For those willing to pay the $4999 for this truly magnificent piece of gaming machinery that also celebrates one of the most important and still popular video games of all time, you have to be quick: There are only ten units being made.

And remember, there’s a new game coming out this year to celebrate the 30-year anniversary, although right now it’s only available for pre-order.