DIY Cute Pokemon Cream Plush Toys

Pokemon are cute (most of them at least), but as plush toys in ice cream cone shape? That’s an overload of sugar in your veins.

pokemon Cream Plush toys fanart

A wonderful project by Deviantart artist Ambur, it takes Pokemon such as Eevee, Flare, Vapore, Jolte and others and turns them from little pocket monsters who fight each other for a living and turns them into plush toys: Cute, cuddly little dolls that look like the tastiest and most colorful cones of ice cream you have ever laid your eyes on.

The plush toys are made out of Minky, Felt, Poly-fil, and Batting. here are crystals for eye highlights and seed beads on top as sprinkles. Pretty soon, according to the artist, they’ll be on sale.

DIY pokemon ice cream plush toys

They’re based on a pattern of bear plush toys (As seen in the photos above) while the Fabric comes from spoonflower.

For those who want to use Pokemon for what they were meant to be – battle while flying out of pockets, you can still do it with plush toys too. It’s actually less riskier. But when there’s such a cute little expression resting on an ice cream cone, all you want to do is hug them as tight as possible, and keep them away from the dog. It’ll get destroyed, or conquered forever by the four legged beasts.

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