Awesome 3D LEGO Terracotta Warriors Inspired Chalk Art

A massive 3D chalk art piece was recently created and inspired by both your average LEGO pieces and ancient Terracotta warriors.

3d lego chalk terra cotta army

Unlike your average LEGO piece with is only an inch or two high, this chalk art piece measured a staggering 30 x 40 feet. The creators, a group called Planet Streetpainting had four artists working full time for five days in order to complete the massive piece.

The amount of planning that went into this piece is extraordinary. In order to create the final product they had to painstakingly create a wireframe grid blueprint with the exact proportions needed. Following this they create simple outlines of each of the LEGO figures before adding in the color at the end.

The final product, as you can see below, is actually quite impressive. It’s really too bad that it was created out in the middle of the street, open to the elements, and not really eligible to be a permanent attraction.

incredible lego terracotta warriors

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that they were even able to make something this intense to begin with.

When viewed from head on, the chalk art looks like it’s right in front of you and etched deep inside the pavement like actual sculptures. The interesting thing though is that when approached from the wrong angle one can really see how distorted the perspective is.

lego terracotta warriors angle

According to our source, the piece was created for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida. Unless some of the other artists competing had something really special up their sleeves, I’m pretty sure that these guys took the prize hands down.

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