3D Printing Service Brings Minecraft and WoW To The Real World

Have you ever wished your characters on WoW or cities in Minecraft were more tangible? Now you can make that wish a reality, thanks to this incredible 3d printing service.


Your creations can come straight into the real world in nice model-kit sized cities or action figures thanks to the magic of 3-d printing! The aces behind this service are the guys at FigurePrints, who do color print 3-D models of basically anything you’d want, even your virtual creations.



The service, so far, includes Minecraft cities, World of Warcraft characters, and even XBox avatars (seriously, who’d order one of those?) at varying prices. Warcraft figures begin at $130, while Minecraft models start a bit lower (around $100), but can go up a lot depending on the size and complexity of your creation. So, remember that Minecraft version of Skyrim you created? Yeah, it’s not gonna come cheap.




The figures are pretty detailed and respectful of the original models, with nice stands for it to round up the pack, so just figure out which one is your favorite outfit, and check their website so you can give it a go!





Source: Geekologie

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