Dungeons and Dragons on Microsoft Surface

dragon and dungeon ms surface

You must have had a great time playing Dungeons & Dragons, which is also regarded as the pioneering title of modern role playing games and also the role playing game industry. Now, a group of geeks from Surfacescapes team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University have created a Dungeons & Dragons on the Microsoft Surface. While you may think it is unbelievable, they have already uploaded a video (below) which is a walk-through of their current proof of concept.

dragon and dungeon ms surface map

The concept looks really good and with the sleek MS Surface being used as the medium, you would be able to have many friends around you playing the game, with the help of touchscreen and other sophisticated techniques. MS Surface has been used for video games earlier too, but never for Dungeons & Dragons, and I must say it is quite exciting to see the game played on this uber-advanced table.

dragon and dungeon ms surface shot

If they used real dices on the on the table, it would have been really awesome. Like a commenter said, gamers love dices and if the guys at the Carnegie Mellon University figure out how to incorporate real dices and make them work on the MS Surface, it would be just perfect! You could also learn how you could build a table that is similar to MS Surface yourself. It might take a little while for you to do so, but then nothing comes easy!

dragon and dungeon ms surface dice