8 Bit Nintendo and Lego Stop Motion

8-bit games may represent something that will soon be seen in history books, but they will still be a great source of inspiration for decades. The 8-bit Nintendo games characters transposed in the Lego world will surely leave many people awestruck.

Nintendo Lego Stop Motion

Ninja Moped (previously known as Rymdreglage) is a Swedish pop punk band that came up with some videos that will certainly attract many geeks on their side. The video for their “Kallbrand Instrumental” song, which can be watched above, features characters from many Nintendo 8-bit games, but that’s not all. The characters are made from Lego and the entire video is filmed in stop motion. In what concerns the design, Lego pieces are perfect for representing 8-bit characters and environments, as they have pretty much the same bulkiness.

“8-bit Trip” is an older song of theirs, made in the same vein. The Ninja Moped Youtube channel features a NES-quiz, among behind-the-scenes videos and other clips related to the band. In each of the 10 episodes of the NES-quiz, people had to guess which games are transposed into the Lego world. These episodes can also be treated as music clips, as the songs heard in the background are in fact Ninja Moped songs.

There were more than one game featured in each episode, so guessing them was not really a piece of cake. However, both the characters and the environment were reproduced with great fidelity, so nostalgic NES gamers who still remember the 8-bit sagas should not have any problems in identifying them. It would probably be much easier to make such videos directly on a computer, but Ninja Moped should really be praised for their effort. After all, this effort is exactly what makes them stand out of the crowd.

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Via: Geekologie